Reisuke Aratani Managing Director, YKK India Private Limited

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In 1995, YKK Group expanded their wings into India by the incorporation of YKK INDIA PIVATE LIMITED. In continuance of the above quote, the founder, Tadao Yoshida, expresses that YKK needs to show respect for customs, practices, and traditions in each place. I believe that the way of thinking is essential, especially for the country with long history such as India. In order to prosper along with the country, with respect to its religion, language, culture, and food etc., it is important to constantly bear in mind the need to think locally and work with communities by following the YKK philosophy “Cycle of Goodness”.

  As a Managing director, I promise that we will operate the company with a company principle, “Seeking corporate value of higher significance.” and pursue innovative quality in the following key areas: fairness, customers, society, employees, products, technology, and management. Last but not least, We commit ourselves to strictly follow compliance as foundation of business and we, all members of the company, make decision and take action by following a company policy, “Do the right things, Do things right”.

  Through the philosophy, principle, and policy, we continuously seek to become a better manufacturing company constantly contributing to the lives of people all over India and taking on challenges for bright future.

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