YKK India Private Limited is an entity of YKK Corporation, and it was incorporated in September, 1995 to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary for the manufacture of Metallic and non-Metallic Zippers.

YKK India Pvt. Ltd is a part of the South East Asia operations where products are manufactured to rigorous quality-control standards within a vertically integrated production system; YKK’s products have earned us the reputation of a global market leader. Most of our products are Anti-Nickel (Nickel Free), pass the needle detection (KENSIN®) and meet various standards such as CPSIA, REACH, EN/BS/DIN, and Oeko-Tex Etc.

YKK India caters to the large and spread out Indian market of Garment, Footwear and Luggage exporters, as well as manufacturers of Domestic Brand and tailors through its network of 14 Branches located in many cities across India and Nepal.

The Manufacturing facility is located in Bawal, Haryana, which started production in March 1997.