MD Message

Managing Director
YKK India Private Limited is a quality and customer oriented company with a global vision and reach. The journey of YKK India is started in 1995 from very modest beginnings viz., a relatively small manufacturing plant at Bawal, Haryana, India. YKK India’s growth has been sure and steady due to its strong focus on quality in manufacturing process and systems resulting in a satisfied and loyal customer base spread across every continent in the globe. From its humble origins, YKK India Zippers has over the past two decades reached a pre-eminent position in its market segment with fully operational manufacturing facilities in INDIA with huge capacity and few new facilities under construction. YKK India has Sales offices strategically placed across India & Nepal to serve its customers in those respective parts of the world. YKK India part of YKK Global envisions itself as a global player with a local presence and has constantly tried to locate its facilities nearer to its customer base.


YKK India conducts business activities based on YKK’s philosophy that “No one prospers without rendering benefit to others ”. We call this the “ Cycle of Goodness ” – an effort in which we share our language, culture and values with local communities, thus creating joy and growth.YKK India growth has been possible, the first is “localism” – accepting demands from local markets and regional industries when we expand our business overseas, prioritizing reinvestment of earnings in local communities and employing, imparting training and promoting local staff. The second is “quality first”. To achieve this, we invent and manufacture all production processes – from raw materials to finished products – to enable us to provide the same best quality worldwide. The third is “solving environmental problems from a global perspective”. As such, we are fostering integrated environmental policies in all YKK group companies. Last but not the least, “ Together We Can ”.